Process handmade incense in Vietnam


Materials used in making incense profession in many countries around the world:
1. O-Meal mangrove bark grew under the edge of the river, a stream in the woods in countries such as Vietnam, China, India, Laos

... scientific name cinnamomun argenteun belong Lauracees kind, not very big, road trunk diameter of 25-30 sections, mango leaves as big as elephant leaf, shiny objects and on. In cell-mangrove bark containing viscous, sticky like glue.
2. Bamboo variety, foot tree to split as incense.
3. Wood and downs, eucalyptus, cinnamon.
4. Usage yellow, red Is green, dyed black to foot incense, joss paper bag.
Tools: Tools incense very simple. Often ghost incense incense, incense earth just long table, a few pots and a round table crockery, wood or corrugated iron as incense or incense, place a second piece of card games with knob for holding small tree and used to roll incense. If incense is to have a mold ring by plane trees, on a groove-shaped perforated spiral incense, incense, large and small, depending on the size of intended employment.
How incense: There are three types of incense are incense earth, incense and incense ring card so do slightly different ways, but excluding other way round incense incense for compression, there are two types of work are:
- Shielding incense
- Making incense powder
- Make yourself incense
- Towards incense and closing tags.
1. shielding incense
- The first is to split the legs of incense. Foot incense made of bamboo, bamboo stuff should look how thick as bamboo reach such casualties and bamboo not too young nor too old.
- Bamboo buy about bringing in pieces cut short by a sharp knife sections incense which split up into small bars, (soak in water and then dried for burning incense flowing). Then again he chopped off the legs of incense bars incense pins after exfoliation is pocketed or perforated corrugated tin in pieces and packed into wooden tables, as for claws bamboo, rattan for smooth and round. But for incense often means ghost incense, incense land, without claws smooth, split time probably leave also.
- Truth be bundled in bundles of incense ten thousand (ten thousand or 100 thousand) for sale. Incense leg chopped red dye finish bottom to plug into the bowl before his incense sticks of incense, or the later dyeing.

2. incense powder
- Meal to his se incense took cell-mangrove bark. People buy into the forest or in plant cell walls hewn - mangrove brought dry, then use the millstone that retired (stab) crushed to powder. Sifted flour that was brought to small, smooth, yet remaining flour to the drop in mortar but retired a second time. Chopped fine powder called meal to cover the outer coat and a wooden incense entry canopy and very small sieve to flour also called to Moses Lake powder inside. When processing incense or incense type card, they must use the wood, eucalyptus wood, cinnamon expenditures, small chopped up and thoroughly pulverized and sifted.

3. Make yourself incense
At his se incense powder and flour olive mangrove others took a 2 meter length table, on the table to 3 dough:
- Dong first is the olive paste, mangrove
- Dong between half a tank half shirt
- Third Dong paste, and two parts powder coat
Split bamboo foot hold (flea) small, use a pair cue to subtract the foot incense, incense paragraph section will wrap dough dipped in cold water barrel for the first reared incense tree leg muscles.
Then dip water, pull out the scales for real bamboo drain. Demmvui head cold bamboo embedded in the first pile lake, dipped in flour and shake finished immediately spent to fall down dough down on the table at the same time holding a cup of incense sticks out from the beams into each other to dip into the dough, pull out, shake powder, like D65 three times, when not see water seep out again as the incense. Bring to hold incense hung him up to dry and then retrieve price other holding dipped in flour. Often they are an all leg, and this time took hold water dipped, dipped in flour first, but dip back into cold water, bring paragraph buried on Monday dough (flour half tank, half powder coat). This time in bamboo incense had cell-Okay flour, water will be able to leave the meeting, the head should be separated a little incense, and dip into the water should be removed immediately bring paragraph buried in piles of powdered incense stuff 3 (with 1 part flour and 2 parts powder coat lake). This time should hold incense legs spread out like a fan, and then to lie down on the table where powder piles up number 3, then grasp the bamboo bunched shake excess powder that clung to incense, and then presented hung up the price dip, grill which exposure to dry. Embeddable bamboo legs water 3 times, 3 times the big meal with chopsticks, but not tight rub flour, rolling it new pharmaco se himself. When the ghost incense, incense cheap land, they must take an old nail crate, or for tin cans, zinc, tin height 40 distribution bottomed. Bring ranked incense, head to the bottom barrel to barrel down horizontally, then hands the roll to roll back new incense done is make himself. Rolling 15 degrees, 20 minutes, ensuring passage for rigs that dried in the sun. This incense ó 200 trees lined up for sale.
Ma incense, fragrant incense not much land, because there is no quit in incense incense was nothing at all. Land to sell incense but rather not need sack.
Incense and incense making cards
Incense is kind of fragrant incense of wood mixed as bass, white phlegm, cinnamon expenditures, often played this incense in bags or tags, each pack contains 60 trees, so people called incense card.
Raw incense and incense land cards, but also the other way. One part was mixed with flour paste, pineapple, mixed with cold water. Another part is a little flour paste, mixed with fragrant, smooth and dry sieve used as a powder coat.
Aromatic wood flour downs trees, eucalyptus, cinnamon expenditures are thoroughly pulverized and sifted.
After mixing, dough then hands the dough into a lump se small, round mouse tails. Grab a stick of incense that put his tail and rolled pulp mouse for foot powder incense sealed. Want se for them and incense were rounded up, then took a piece of tree, 10 Pan horizontal, vertical 20 stool, stool thick 1, the knob back there, holding his knob that fell onto her incense, rolled several times roll for round and smooth. As incense was then buried in the pile smooth powder dry coat will again let dough eat incense, incense so beautiful, fragrant smell. Se dried in the sun and then presented dip leg finished at how often each bag has 60 incense. Incense do a lot of work up to the higher price of incense often.
Very fragrant incense cones and sell expensive as incense and incense India Hue. Indian incense smell fragrant a special, very strong, familiar only with Indians used this incense to worship, one needs less demanding this type of incense. This incense and their small legs and small.
Hue is also incense and his foot also smaller but very fragrant incense often made of wood for bass, pounding-flavor, superb piano and plastic fillings. If you have material and technical means should also fabricate this kind of incense for sale.
Incense round
Incense incense special category loop, at dungnhon two types of incense and incense ghost. Incense powder within the powder as incense, but how do otherwise. Or take incense powder into the mold by applying tree (wood) with small perforated trough along the se wiggling or dough into a long rope and a piece of wood Roll cone, sweeping spiral. Roll finished, push the ring out to squeeze incense formed incense and dried. When dry, remove paper package, the sealed box to not lose the aroma of incense. Maybe other way round as incense, but either way is easier on both.
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